Bagdat Avenue Projects

Yapı Konut, which is the real estate company of the Yapı Merkezi Group, was founded in 1994 to develop residential projects that are in harmony with city life, protecting the nature and providing solutions to the current and potential urban challenges. With the design and construction experience of the group and taking advantage of the quality of the workforce, Yapı Konut has realized many successful prestigious projects. Initial residential projects including “Arkeon Houses, Şişli Plaza, Çam Mansions, Sokullu Mansion Houses and NP12 Houses" have made a memorable difference in the period that they were built and they are still happy living areas continuing its prestige.

Since 2015, Yapı Konut continues its business life as “Yapı Merkezi Real Estate Group” of the Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc. Real Estate Group has undersigned many successful projects which benefited from the groups’ more than 50 years of knowledge and experience in design and construction.

While maintaining qualified project development activities that adds value to the city, Real Estate Group has focused on urban renewal projects around the Bağdat Avenue recently. These projects, which are briefly named as "Yapı Merkezi Real Estate Group’s Street Projects", are composed of 3 separate residential projects. These projects have been constructed in three prestigious spots in the Bağdat Street and they all have large landscape areas within large land plots. In all three projects, "panoramic views of the sea and islands, two-car closed garage, gated site concept, landscape areas and high quality" is offered as standard.

Yeşilpark Cadde is being distinguished by its open swimming pool and social areas, and the secured site concept that is offered in the heart of the Bağdat Street. Çiftehavuzlar Residence has the advantage being located in the coastal area of Çiftehavuzlar and also its extensive landscaping. F. Ayanoğlu Residence has a spacious 4+1 and 5+1 apartments within walking distance to the beach.

Yapi Merkezi, with the motto of "To Build Happiness is Our Happiness", has produced solutions that provide positive contribution to human life in all its projects and concluded all projects with great care. "Yapı Merkezi Street Projects" are being implemented with the same basic principles, all of them are designed as high standard living spaces compatible with urban life.


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Yapı Merkezi Real Estate Group, which is a subsidiary of Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc. has undersigned many successful projects which benefited from its design and construction experience and high quality workforce. Please provide us with your contact information, so that we shall call back to you to inform about the project you are interested in.