Şişli Plaza

Şişli Plaza, designed and constructed by Yapı Merkezi on a land of 15,484 m2 in İstanbul-Şişli, consists of 3 main blocks. Blocks A-C is designed for offices and Block B is designed for residential areas.

Total construction area of the complex reaches to 104,444 m2.

The structural system is designed with reinforced concrete frame and curtain walls with anchorage. Retaining walls are used for the design of 4 underground floors. Minimum building footprint differs from landscape around thebuilding by enabling green area of 12,000 m2.

A Block: It consists of 13 floors, 4 of which are underground and 9 of above ground. Total construction area (above ground) is 9,406 m2. Ground floor and thefirst basement floor are organized as shops.

B Block: It consists of 44 floors, 4 of which are underground and 40 of above ground. Floors above decrease from 970 m2 to 326 m2 as it goes up. There are 151 housing units ranging from 90 m2 to 434 m2. Total construction area (above ground) is 30402 m2.

C Block: It consists of 10 floors, 4 of which are underground and 6 of above ground. Total construction area (above ground) is 13,922 m2. This blockis designed as offices.

Social complexes are connected by a bridge at the terrace of C Block and at the 9th floor of B Block.

There are also offices, shopping center and car parks on the ground and underground levels of this complex.


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