Sokullu Mansion Houses

Sokullu Mansion Houses is located in Acıbadem which is one of the fastest revaluing districts in İstanbul due tomodern residential city planning, accessibility toshopping and cultural centers, Kadıköy, ring road linksand Marmaray’s Ayrılık Çeşmesi Station and stable ground formation providing security in case of earthquake.

Within an area of 8,500 m2 landand neighboring a historic four-story mansion having 2,000 m2 closed area, Sokullu Mansion Houses are built in two 16-storey blocks composed of 64 flats.

The historical Sokullu Mansion and existing monumentary trees on the land are restored inconnection to the project. Access roads to the indoor and outdoor parking areasare physically separated from pedestrian traffic areas. Thus a pedestrian friendly environment was provided in the site without fear of cars. In addition, green areas, children's playground, walkways and sports areas were also included in the project.

Outdoor swimming pool complex of the projects was placed in the central inner courtyard, such that privacy of the residents were provided.

The materials used in the construction are ergonomic, durable and hygienic, ensuring an easy maintenance and aesthetically pleasing look. With its extensive construction experience, Yapı Merkezi has constructed the Sokullu Mansion Houses; a project that is simple but comfortable, respectful to the nature and humanity, emphasizing historical values, safe,located in the city center, but also providing life away from the city.


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